Human Anatomy is the science which deals with the structure of the human body. Initially, Anatomy was studied mainly by dissection. Dissection is a technique to cut, to open & see various structures which make up the human body structure. The scope of modern anatomy has become very wide because it is now studied by all possible techniques which can enlarge the boundaries of the anatomical knowledge.


Human Physiology is defined as the study of functions of various systems and organs of the human body. Physiology is the most fascinating and ancient branch of medical science. This subject unfolds the mystery of complicated functional aspects of individual organ in the body and this subject exists ever since the origin of life. Even before knowing the language, culture and society, man knew about the pain, hunger, fear, thirstele which is the basis of physiology.


Department of materia medica aims at providing a sound knowledge of the effectiveness of Homoeopathic drug through audio-visual teaching techniques.


Homoeopathic pharmacy is one of the basic fundamental Homoeopathic subjects. The major difference between Homoeopathic and Allopathic system is their pharmacology. The subject is dealing with how the medicines are procured and prepared from various sources. It also gives a detailed explanation about various processes and knowledge regarding the Selection, Collection, Combining, Compounding, Potentising, Standardising, Preserving & Dispensing of the Homoeopathic Medicines; is imparted through this subject. A unique and vital process POTENTISATION; which individualises the Homoeopathic Science than other systems of medicine; is taught during the study of Homoeopathic Pharmacy. Homoeopathic medicines which are proved only on humans; making it superior in understanding of human body and it’s disturbances on physical as well as psychological plane.


Organon of medicine is the subject which imparts education to the students in regards to principles and Philosophy of Homoeopathic discipline. This monumental book was authored by the founder of Homoeopathy Samuel Fredrick Christian Hahnemann who was 200 years ahead of his time. The book gives practical guidelines regarding practice of Homeopathy to all practicing Homoeopaths.