Department of Homoeopathic Pharmacy

Pharmacy department is a backbone of homoeopathy & play an important role in national economy.
Pharmacy department is accommodated in **sqmt with adequate light and ventilation.
Pharmacy department consists of separate,
  • Pharmacy laboratory
  • Demonstration Hall
  • Museum
  • Pharmacy Garden
  • H.O.D Room
  • Departmental Library
Museum contains ** specimens of different sources.
Pharmacy department is fully equipped with qualified experiences teaching staff as per CCH Regulations.
Different Species of plants are cultivated in pharmacy garden.
On every academic year,our students are taken to visit a large scale Homoeopathic manufacturing unit.
In academic year 2018-19 students visited,
  1. Homoeopathic Pharmacopera Laboratory(HPL)
    Kamla nehru nagar,Ghaziabad.
  2. S.B.L , Jabalpur
  3. Dr D.P.Rasogi Research Center
    Noida Delhi (NCR)